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Mackenzie’s new Twitter pictures [x]

Introducing the kenzfoyedit and nesscullenedit tags!

Hey everyone, I have some exciting news to share with you today! I came up with the idea to create two tags dedicated entirely to anything you have made of Mackenzie and Renesmee — this includes edits, gifs, graphics, and icons. The point of these tags is to have a specific place for all of your creations; you can also tag your Nessie edits with twilightsagaedit, the main tag for everything made about the series. However, Renesmee’s tag will only have things with her as the main focus, and Mackenzie’s tag is the same; don’t get them mixed up! Meaning, don’t put your Kenzie edits in the Nessie tag, and vice versaIf you’re on board with me, reblog this post to let others know where to find all Kenzie and Nessie edits!

but lately her face seems slowly sinking wasting

Mackenzie Foy as Lou Cardinal in “Wish You Well”

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